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Surmay Goa (Serene and Beautiful Goa):
Role of PPP projects in tourism to maintain Goa's beauty such as the Iconic Tourist Sites Development Project of Colva Beach
Susanskruth Goa (Cultured Goa):
Goan culture is a blend of traditional Indian customs and traditions mixed with Portuguese culture as reflected by the thriving Konkani cinema and theatre industry.
Santulit Goa (Balanced Goa):
Goa has a well-developed social, physical and industrial infrastructure, and virtual connectivity which is contributed by multiple sectors including building materials, construction equipment, real estate, services, start-ups and IT.
Suvidya Goa (Knowledge centric and Enlightened Goa):
Goa's high literacy and rich labour pool are a reflection of its flourishing sectors such as education, light engineering and emerging technologies.
Samrudh Goa (Affluent Goa):
Goa's affluence is partly owing to a strong presence in the sectors of pharma, tourism, mining, ship-building and agro and food processing.
Susashith Goa (Well governed Goa):
Apart from ensuring a largely stable government and safety of tourists from all over the world, Goa plans to emerge as one of the most well-governed states in India as envisaged in its Vision 2035.
Swanandi Goa (Happy Goa):
Non-material aspects of Goan life such as high quality social relations and a positive view of the self along with its inherent friendly and hospitable nature, make Goa one of the happiest places in India.